specialist in detecting leakages in building-sealing systems   

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TEXPLOR provides services for investigating all kinds of sealing systems in buildings and civil engineering. We also develop and produce innovative monitoring systems for continuous leak control of geomembrane or concrete structures. Geophysical surveys exploring the geological subsurface complete our portfolio.

Leak detection in buildings

Leaks in various sealing systems in buildings are detected rapidly, accurately and non-or minimally invasive, such as in cellars, walls, construction joints, flat roofs, underground car parks, swimming pools, etc.
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Leak detection in civil engineering

Groundwater flows through complex sealing systems in civil engineering are detected, e.g. in sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls, high-pressure injection & jelly seal bases, geomembrane or natural sealings, etc.
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Monitoring Systems

Permanent leak control of sealings made of geomembranes or concrete, for landfills, basins, flat roofs or joints. Please read more >

Geophysics & Environment

Non-destructive investigation of the geological underground, surveys of polluted areas, localization of underground cavities and pipes, archeological pre-investigations, determination of the technical condition of dams, railway embankments, etc. Please read more >