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MSS® Monitoring Systems

The MSS® Monitoring System was developed for the stationary installation of long-term sealing system monitoring.

The durability of the MSS® CombiModules and cables was certified for a minimum of 100 years (TGM - Department for Plastic and Environmental Engineering at the Federal Research Institute, Vienna).

The MSS® system can be installed in new plants as well as in existing older structures of any size.

An MSS® system generally consists of a central station (measuring computer, processing and alarm unit), one or more measuring cabinets (for 24 or 49 MSS® CombiModules each) and MSS® CombiModules, which are integrated into the liner along with reference sensors, weather station, etc.

The MSS® CombiModules control liner areas of 1–3,000 m²; when conductive liners are used, the CombiModules control areas exceeding 3,000 m².

The measuring cabinets are connected to the central station via a telemetric cable; the number of cabinets can be increased as needed.

The central station performs continuous measurements at arbitrary intervals; the display shows the status of the entire system permanently and triggers an alarm in the event of leakage in the respective block - audible, visual, via intranet or internet.

The actual localization of the leak in the respective block is calculated by mathematical algorithms, which usually ranges in meters.

An international patent appeal was filed for the construction of the MSS® CombiModule together with Schunk Wien GmbH under no. WO 2013/050387 A1.

Please find reference projects of our MSS® system here.

A short video illustrates our MSS® Leak Monitoring System. Please find the link here.