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Monitoring Systems

Texplor produces customized MSS® Leak-Monitoring Systems for all kinds of liners used for storage basins and containments in power plants, the chemical industry, landfills, filling stations, tunnels, etc.

As a rule, the MSS® CombiModules are integrated into the liner; all cables are lain ABOVE the liner so that no installation below the geomembrane is necessary.

The durability of the MSS® CombiModules was investigated by the Department for Plastic and Environmental Engineering at the Federal Research Institute (TGM), Vienna, and certified for 100 years. 

The patented MSS® Leak-Monitoring Systems are designed flexibly according to the costumers needs.

The systems work according to AS 6702, ASTM D 7909/14 and can identify leaks bigger than 1 mm².

The core of the MSS® Leak-Monitoring System is the central station that controls the measurement cycles and stores them in a database.

Data transfer and storage is possible via Internet depending on customer’s wishes. An acoustic alarm and a visual alarm are sent in the event of a leak. 

The systems can be installed in existing structures.

Details to the monitoring systems are explained here.

Range of applications:

  • Basins of concrete or liners for the chemical industry or waste treatment plants
  • Landfills
  • Flat roofs
  • Building waterproofing
  • Building joints, e.g. for filling stations or airports 

Please find reference projects for Permanent Monitoring Systems here.

A short video illustrates our MSS® Leak Monitoring System. Please find the link here.