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Leak detection in buildings

If water or moisture can penetrate through defects, holes or damages in the structural waterproofing into the interior building, these damages cause high costs and permanent impairment of the construction.

Range of application:

  • Cellars, walls, bottom slabs, joints, pipe lead-throughs
  • Flat roofs, terraces
  • Underground car parks
  • Swimming pools, ponds

In order to prepare an offer, we need the building’s planning documents, the type of construction, the kind of sealing systems, as well as detailed information about the visible water damages and their extent.

The measurements are either non- or minimally invasive; the measurement grid depends on the size of the measurement area or the size of the floor tiles.

Use of that section of the building usually remains possible during our measurements, without constraints.

For these investigations, we use either a single-sensor measuring device (EFT® technology) or the multi-sensor method (FGM® technology). Our patented technologies are explained in detail in the Technology section.

Please find reference projects for leak detection in buildings here.